Jagua Gel – Refill only


Jagua Gel is ready-to-use Jagua for black temporary tattoos


Jagua Me Gel is ready-to-use, made to perfection using our unique and special blend in order to mix a superb and fine Jagua Gel for your temporary tattoos.

You can also use the help of one of our Tattoo-Me Stamps!

tattoo-me stamps 1 celestial -2
tattoo-me stamps 1 celestial -2
tattoo-me stamps 2 flora-fauna -2
tattoo-me stamps 2 flora-fauna -2

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

15ml (1/2 fl.oz), 30ml (1 fl.oz), 60ml (2 fl.oz), 120ml (4 fl.oz), 240ml (8 fl.oz), 480ml (16 fl.oz)


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