Temporary Tattoo Products
Temporary Tattoo Products
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Tattoo-Me Stamps

We are so happy to feature Tattoo-Me Stamps on our Shop.

12 Different packs of 10 stamps (except for the Zodiac Pack that has 12), these are rubber stamps that last a long time.

They are easy to use, and can be used on many surfaces, not just skin.

At first, these stamps were made as tools to help our customers draw perfectly-shaped drawings. But then we realized that even henna artists, jagua artists & permanent tattoo artists have been purchasing them to speed up their work.

We can custom-make your company logo or any adapted design into a perfect stamp you can use over & over. contact us for more details!




jagua me logo wide

Hello jagua world!

Welcome to Jagua Me! This Brand is a joint collaboration between the biggest Jagua producing manufacturer in Perù, Jagua Factory, it’s distributor […]

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